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Sunday, January 15, 2012


Today's interview at Noodles went exceptionally well. The general manager informed me that the district manager came in after I dropped by yesterday and wanted to hire me on the spot just for having an amazing résumé. I'll have to admit, I did a great job organizing and writing a cover letter and contemporary résumé. I also attached a letter of recommendation that my previous manager from Circuit City wrote for me... and put it all in a special résumé folder. Anyway, the GM was impressed with me and wants to hire me as the assistant manager. I have a second interview with the district manager later this week. If all goes well, I will have to travel to Denver a few times a week for about 3 months for training. I could start as a shift leader and work my way up, but she wants me to train at the district's training store to speed up the process. I'm happy because they're willing to work around my current job at Yankee Candle so I don't have to leave. I'm also happy that I'll be working 40-50 hours a week and making a descent salary... and my uniform shirt will say "Noodles" on it. How freaking cool is that?

Anyway, today was my 2nd day of the raw eating diet. This morning didn't start out too well, as I woke up with noro-like symptoms (probably just from all of the crazy organic herbs I've been taking), but it wore off in a couple of hours and I was able to eat a salad for lunch. I've also been making fruit smoothies with this amazing blender that my awesome friends, Lynn and Megan got Adam and I for a wedding gift. Last night, I made a green smoothie with spinach, banana, apple, orange and ice (full recipe later this week). I used 2 cups of spinach in a 16 oz portion and you couldn't even taste it. Today, I made a smoothie with fresh pineapple, frozen banana and canned coconut milk. I don't think I'm supposed to have coconut milk, but it is a fruit and if I only eat leaves for 2 weeks, I might go insane. Especially cooking for Adam everyday. The hardest part is not knowing what I'm serving him tastes like. I rarely use recipes when cooking, I just taste as I go. He hasn't complained about anything so far, so I'm good.

Thanks for reading, everyone! I know quite a few people read my blog because of the view counter, but not many are subscribed. So if you have a gmail account, you should subscribe! Wish me luck on my second interview!


  1. Wow,Sweetie - I'm impressed. I pray that you do well on the second interview. Good luck on the raw diet (ick...I couldn't do it all the time raw).

    1. Thank you! This would be great for us. I've never been put on salary before, and this amount would make it to where we can pay off any debts that we have and live comfortably. She also said that they're looking to expand to other states, so where ever Adam and I end up next with the army, I could possibly be a general or district manager for a new franchise location. I'm super excited and hope it all works out. I know God has a plan for me! As far as the raw diet goes, it's rough, but I have a goal that I want to reach so I'm sticking to it as best as I can.